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I faced the prospect of my own death this month. Every woman in my family has thyroid problems and my sister fought a long battle with thyroid cancer, so my whole life they've all been harping, "You'd better watch it, Ted! (That's my childhood nickname.) Have it tested every year, no exceptions!" A few years ago, the doctors found a lump of little consequence on one side of my thyroid. They told me to go on with my life, to just "Watch it." This year, they found lumps, plural. I had one on each side of my thyroid and one of them had enough "substance" to cause some alarm. A good friend of mine here suggested I see a doctor from our church who just happens to be the best thyroid doctor in the country. You all know what I think of coincidences like this... They aren't coincidences at all. "Our steps are ordered by the Lord, how else can a man understand his way?" Dwayne and I both agreed one of the reasons we felt compelled to s