Friday, July 21, 2017

Every Perfect Gift

I have a sensitivity to annoying sounds, so I thought it was going to be painful for me when the kids practiced their piano. Nevertheless, Dwayne and I wanted to give the girls the gift of music, so we started providing them with lessons. To my surprise, the kids' practice is one of the most soul-soothing sounds in my life now. Like birds singing from the trees around our house, or the laughter from upstairs where the girls are playing with their dolls, the sound of our piano serves are a reminder of what is good, true, and beautiful in my life, in all of life! The playing makes me to stop whatever I am doing, even if only for a moment, and acknowledge the Giver of every perfect gift.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

"We Have Eternity."

I will often pray while I exercise. The two really go together for me so naturally.

In one case, I am pursuing spiritual goals. In the other case, my goals are physical.

But prayer and exercise, similarly, both take faith and action, then more action and more faith...

So naturally, while lunging with kettlebells, I was talking to God about my dreams today.

I want to accomplish so many true, beautiful, and good things with my life.

All these things are the things God Himself has called me to do, so in faith, I take action, and I expect to be able to do them.

But time keeps passing.

"We have to hurry." I told God. "There isn't much time!"

I felt very mortal there for a moment. One tends to feel their mortality when they are exercising with kettlebells.

At my remark, I heard the Spirit of God offer a sharp rebuke to my spirit,

"We have eternity," God said.

The words totally wrecked the way I was thinking at that moment.

I could almost see my error as a castle in my mind being torn down.

But then, before the same words had even finished entering my mind, and devastating my thinking, they had also, almost at once, filled me with the most complete courage for all the work that God has called me to do.

God can do that.  He can tear me down and build me up almost at the exact same time.

His work in my spirit is similar to what weight-lifting does for my body.

Lunges with kettlebells in hands really tear up my legs. But even as they tear, the muscles just come back stronger, more perfect.

God's Spirit works just like that in my soul.

The words, "We have eternity," served to rebuke and encourage me all at once.

I may get it all done before I die. Or I may not.

It doesn't really matter.

I have forever with God to enjoy perfecting the works He has given me to do.

My life is, was, and will be, simply,

the forever with God that has already started for me.

Saturday, July 8, 2017


I have been enjoying seeing what all comes up in my new yard this spring and summer. I consider every single blossom a gift, since I didn't plant them, but nevertheless, here they are!

The previous owners planted hydrangea bushes along our front walk.  The bushes are almost as tall as me! (Perhaps they have actually been neglected and need to be tended.) But being so high allows me to see the blossoms from inside the house through the windows and I consider that an advantage.  The flowers on the bushes turned from bright white to a delicate violet that subtly grows more saturated with color by the day.

I indulged myself and cut the largest of all the blossoms off and brought it inside to my kitchen table. I didn't know how well it would keep, but I've had it there for a few days now, and it is still fresh and beautiful. Tiny bluish blossoms drop onto the table from the underside of the flower throughout the day, but since I wipe my table free of crumbs once or twice a day as it is, because of my kids, this is no real inconvenience.

Hydrangeas have been a favorite of mine since my teenage years when I saw them in my friend's bridal magazines.  So when I got married, I ordered them to go in my assorted wedding bouquet.  Back then, I lived in the south and hydrangeas are not common down there, so it was a mystery to me how these flowers even grew! But they are everywhere in New England and it is a joy to have full grown bushes of my own now!