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Easter Church and Egg Hunt 2018


My Life Looks Nothing Like I Thought It Would

Me: "My life looks nothing like I thought it would." God: "Your plans were boring, far too easy. Let's do this other thing, too." He rubs His hands together. I look at His hands and grow nervous and then look up at His face. Our eyes meet. He sees my hesitation, seems taken aback. God: "It sounds fun to you, right?" I look down and consider. My heart swells with joy and excitement, my cheeks flush, my pulse quickens... I look up. His gaze comes up from where it had been for a moment, on my heart, and He smiles at me knowingly. I smile back. Me: "But it's crazy.  It's so far beyond me that it'll be impossible without you..." God: "Exactly." Then I see His hands reach out to go to work.