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End of May - Beginning of June 2015

Our niece Sarah graduated from high school at the end of May.  We took a trip to Virginia to see her graduate and to visit with the rest of the Bouldens who were coming to town to celebrate.   But on the way to Virginia, we stopped in Maryland for two nights to visit Dwayne's oldest and best friend Dan and his wife Breeze and their children.  We had all the little kids pose for a photo before we left as you can see above. Early one morning, I snuck off to take a Bodypump class at a gym in Bel Air, Maryland, about five minutes from our friends' home.  One of my favorite things to do when I travel is find a gym with Les Mills programs, buy a guest pass for the day, and take a class there.  I love meeting and connecting with other Les Mills instructors.  I also love seeing the various gyms and learning from watching other instructors teach. While we were in Maryland, our middle child fell from a playscape and her two front teeth were knocked out!  There was a lot of

Girls Night Out To The Ballet

My oldest and I attended her friend's ballet recital on Friday night.  It was an excellent production called Just Because It's June by The Woodbury Ballet .     I chose the dress I wore because my daughter's friend's mother, also a dear friend of mine, gave it to me several months ago and I wanted to surprise her. We greeted her friend after the production with flowers and the girls posed for a photo together.  Even from where I sat in the audience, I could see that my daughter's friend's movements exuded great feeling. She dreams of being a ballerina and then becoming a nun; beautiful dreams fitting for a beautiful girl! I love and enjoy my children and my friends, but I've also come to discover a great capacity to love and take joy in my children's friends and my friend's children!