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My husband has gotten into the habit of reading out loud to our family almost every night.  He's been doing it for about a year now and he has taken us through several books in that time.  Right now, we happen to be reading through The Hobbit. Last night, as he was reading a portion of the story, he was changing his voice to fit each character and it occurred to me how much his dramatic skill has improved over the year.  With constant practice, he's gotten significantly better at reading out loud.   From the beginning, it was a pleasure to listen to him read. But now, it's even more of a pleasure somehow. And that lead me to thinking how true that is in so many areas of this man's life.  He's better today than he was a year ago in so many things.  And that lead me to thinking how glad I am that I married him young, really young.  Neither one of us were finished with college when we said, "I do." We were still children in many ways.  But it's been the