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Frontsite Trip

We all went to Frontsite last week. Dwayne went ahead of us and did a few rifle classes. Once we arrived, he did a few tactical handgun classes. Norah and I repeated the same four day defensive handgun training we did in the spring, and the littles attended the youth achievement class. Here are some photos from our range.  

Thanksgiving Break

It's Thanksgiving Break, so I put a new puzzle out on the dining room table.  We like to do puzzles to start all our vacations.  This one was a gift from my sister in law.  We are all working on it on and off.  I am listening to the audio book of  The City of God by Augustine as I work on it. 


It's the middle of the homeschool year, so there isn't much time to blog. Here's a brief update.   I'm directing Challenge 4, so I'm constantly rereading portions of whatever books we are discussing at the moment. Right now, it's The Iliad, The Discoverers, the Old Testament, Invitation to the Psalms. I'm also devoting some time each week to Physics and/ or Advance Math.  My oldest is such an independent student at this point, she rarely needs my help with her work. I usually just serve as her advisor her at this point. She comes down to chat about interesting stuff at least once a day. She has transitioned to working in her room at her desk or bed. It feels natural, since she'll be going to college next year.  She and I spent some time the last several weeks driving and/or flying to visit colleges, making incredible memories, and having important conversations. She is done applying to her top three choices. Now, she waits to see whether or not she is ac