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Persuasive Prayer

I am working through a persuasive writing curriculum that I will use with my daughter and her classmates next year.  It's a lot of work. And it isn't always fun. But I am doing it because I believe the Lord has called me to do it. I have been trusting that He has a purpose for this material in my life and in my students' lives. The program is forcing me to think in great depth through various issues. It is also teaching me to organize my arguments and to use logos, ethos, and pathos to move my audience to agree with me and then act. So, interestingly, now that I am thinking differently about issues and organizing my thoughts, I have come to find I am also praying about issues differently, too. This morning, I went to God on behalf of some friends who are struggling. I often do pray for people. But this morning, I found myself listing ways that I thought God should work in my friends' lives and then giving reasons to support each of my ideas. My prayer was a lot mo