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Kombucha Recipes - Updated

I've been making Kombucha for quite a while now and I have developed some of my own recipes using fresh fruit for flavor that I would like to share with you. But first, before you can flavor your kombucha, you have to have some kombucha to flavor, so here's the recipe I use for basic kombucha. Basic Kombucha Recipe- Ingredients- 8 tea bags of any basic, black tea 1 cup sugar 2 cups finished kombucha (or white vinegar) Approx. 4 quarts of hot, hot water Equipment- A gallon jar Coffee filters or a paper towel rubber band Process- Remove the paper tags from eight tea bags and place them in the bottom of a very clean gallon jar. Then pour in one cup of sugar and add approximately four quarts of very hot water carefully. Sometimes I use organic teas and sugars, but just as often I use the cheapest ingredients like Market Pantry Black Tea and Domino Sugar. Let the tea brew until it cools to room temperature. Then with very clean hands, pull out t