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Thanksgiving Weekend 2014

On Thanksgiving- I taught a special, holiday HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) class on Thanksgiving morning while the gym was open.  Then I came home and helped my husband prepare the house and the food for the guests who would be arriving that afternoon.  We roasted a big turkey, made glazed carrots, baked brownies, and provided the drinks.  Some of our friends from church brought cornbread stuffing, Brussels sprouts, butternut squash, and desserts including homemade apple pie and pumpkin cheesecake.  I didn't take time to take any pictures of our delicious feast or our dear friends, so I have none to share.        Black Friday- My family has a tradition of watching all the Star Wars movies over Thanksgiving weekend. We don't watch it any other time of year, so the kids look forward to this weekend a lot.  I don't always watch every movie and my husband doesn't always watch Episode 1, because he thinks it's terrible. So after breakfast on Frid

God's Playfellow

I had a dream about Heaven once.  In this dream, I was worshiping God in the midst of a group of demons surrounding me, clawing at my legs. I had my arms outstretched above me, unconcerned with what was around me.  God stepped in front of me, brushed back the evil shadows with one arm, then He embraced me, lifting me up, up, up. I could feel his perfect love and communicate my love back to Him.  It was the most fulfilling embrace that I have ever received or given, my first clue that this might be something beyond a regular dream. Next moment, I found myself flying over a magnificent city, vast and breathtaking. As we flew, air flew around me fast, but it was the sight of the city that was taking my breath away. All the buildings, architecture, and engineering were stunning.  Every detail fascinated me, though I was flying by so fast, I couldn't focus on anything as long as I wanted.  Everything was immaculate and gloriously beautiful.   This city was so alive! I knew it m

Winter Begins

Today will be the first big snow of the season, five to eight inches over the next twenty-four hours. I am a seasoned New Englander now, one can tell this by my new waterproof, insulated boots.     For the last eight years or so, I have worn the same pair of cowboy boots all winter.  Back when I bought those boots, I was still quite new to New England, having gone through only one or two winters where I didn't get out much. And coming from South Carolina where it hardly ever snowed, I really thought they'd do.  I loved those leather boots. I wore them till the soles split and then kept wearing them, actually. But for the last two or three winters, on the coldest, snowiest, slushiest of days, I would covet my friends' insulated, waterproof boots. Today I got to wear my new boots for the first time to work at the Y.  Morning classes were still on in spite of the weather, though afternoon classes have been cancelled now that the snow is coming down in earnest. One

Bodycombat Certification- Update

I am preparing to film my Bodycombat 61 assessment video in just a few days. Right now, I am taking a break from rehearsing my script with the music to post this little update.  At this point, I've done the entire workout so many times that I have lost count. I know the choreography and I can make it through the workout physically though it is still very challenging. I've also taught all the tracks at least once to a live class, so I feel confident I can handle the level one coaching and cuing. At the very least, I can get people moving, kicking, and punching in the right direction on time. But I am such a Bodycombat novice that I am still learning the basics like side kicks and roundhouse kicks even while I am trying to perfect this particular routine for my video. The hardest part for me is recalling and adding the level two coaching cues, the explanations that help participants get more out of the workout and perfect their technique. So I am looking closely at

Gollum, Our Sin, and Jesus- The Fellowship of The Ring

I have started reading The Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R. Tolkien. I am already being affected by this epic story. One, short portion, not far into Chapter 2, is already working on my heart and mind. Gandalf explains to Frodo the affect the Ring has had on Gollum and he says, "All the 'great secrets' of the mountains had turned out to be just empty night: there was nothing more to find out, nothing worth doing, only nasty furtive eating and resentful remembering.  He was altogether wretched.  He hated the dark, and he hated the light more: he hated everything, and the Ring most of all."   I thought this passage explains the affect that sin can have on people's lives. Any sin, however small, can become precious to us, can become our "Precious," if we chose it above God.  It can then lure us out of the light, out of right relationship with people around us, with God, away, away, so we can be comfortable with our sin. Like Gollum, we are e

Lego Advent Calendars- Thanks, Uncle Donnie!

My big brother sent my kids Lego Advent Calendars in the mail.  The girls will have a little something to build everyday of December leading up to Christmas morning.  Thanks, Uncle Donnie! Note: My brother gave us an Advent calendar a few years ago and to show him what pieces were inside, I started making up a little story with the Legos my kids got everyday and posting it here on my blog. But, alas, the Lego Saga was never completed to everyone's satisfaction before the finale. Like all the best shows, it was cancelled, frustrating many (half a dozen) and causing outcry from the masses (my immediate family).  But rumors abound that this blog's producer may decide to try another run this year.  With two or even three times the Legos, this could be epic.  Stay tuned in December!    

What does reading Scripture have in common with eating salad? Well, alot, actually...

As I sat down to eat a salad today, I realized something. Eating salad is like reading Scripture. Sometimes you do it, not because you are in the mood, but just because you know it's really good for you.  I haven't had the cleanest diet for the last few days. I've got two words to sum up my indiscretions- cannoli pie. When my diet is compromised like it is now, I have to be a lot more deliberate to get back on track. At times, I have to almost force myself to sit down to a salad or to prepare fresh vegetables. But once I've done that for a while and continue doing it, I know I can retrain my palate to appreciate and enjoy simple, wholesome, nutritious foods again. After that, I am less likely to even desire the foods that I know aren't good for me. It's like that with reading the Bible. Bible reading is a spiritual discipline in much the same way clean eating is a physical discipline.  I'm not always in the mood to sit still and re


Life is really busy right now, busy, but abundant. I love everything I am doing and I am grateful to the Lord for all the various, interesting, and fulfilling works I am involved in these days. I thought I would just write a quick update so that my family and friends who are interested will know what's going on (and why I am often too busy to post on here these days.)  Bodycombat- I am working on my Bodycombat certification.  Bodycombat is a mixed martial arts cardio program.  I really enjoy learning how to punch and kick.  I am team teaching as often as I can, practicing a few times a week before I film and then submit my certification video in the next few weeks. I hope to teach a Bodycombat class somewhere in the future.  Bodypump- I am still on the Saturday rotation at one of my gyms and I also sub as often as I am needed for other Bodypump instructors who need coverage.  I am gaining experience and I am learning my releases by heart. My ultimate goal is to teach t