Lego Advent Calendars- Thanks, Uncle Donnie!

My big brother sent my kids Lego Advent Calendars in the mail.  The girls will have a little something to build everyday of December leading up to Christmas morning.  Thanks, Uncle Donnie!

Note: My brother gave us an Advent calendar a few years ago and to show him what pieces were inside, I started making up a little story with the Legos my kids got everyday and posting it here on my blog.

But, alas, the Lego Saga was never completed to everyone's satisfaction before the finale. Like all the best shows, it was cancelled, frustrating many (half a dozen) and causing outcry from the masses (my immediate family).  But rumors abound that this blog's producer may decide to try another run this year.  With two or even three times the Legos, this could be epic.  Stay tuned in December!  


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