Life is really busy right now, busy, but abundant.

I love everything I am doing and I am grateful to the Lord for all the various, interesting, and fulfilling works I am involved in these days.

I thought I would just write a quick update so that my family and friends who are interested will know what's going on (and why I am often too busy to post on here these days.) 

I am working on my Bodycombat certification.  Bodycombat is a mixed martial arts cardio program.  I really enjoy learning how to punch and kick.  I am team teaching as often as I can, practicing a few times a week before I film and then submit my certification video in the next few weeks. I hope to teach a Bodycombat class somewhere in the future. 

I am still on the Saturday rotation at one of my gyms and I also sub as often as I am needed for other Bodypump instructors who need coverage.  I am gaining experience and I am learning my releases by heart. My ultimate goal is to teach two or three Bodypump classes every week somewhere.

Freestyle fitness classes-
I am still teaching freestyle classes each week at my other gym- one cardio/muscle class and a freestyle barbell class for the general population, and one senior's class.  I still enjoy my freestyle classes because I have the opportunity to create my own choreography for them.   

Classical Conversations-
My daughters and I have been in this home school program for one year and we love it. I have been homeschooling for a long time, and I have to say that this program is an answer to prayers I am not even sure I knew how to articulate. It will provide my kids with the education I started homeschooling in order to give them if the Lord allows us to stay in it through the Challenge (high school) levels.  I am going to begin working as a professional tutor for our Classical Conversations group soon.  I'll be learning more that way, redeeming my own education as I teach my kids, and I'll be earning money.  Read more about our Classical Conversations experience here.

I had my groceries delivered for the first time last weekend.  Have you ever done this?!  It will be a game-changer for us!  Now I can spend the few hours I have each weekend on other errands, like keeping these growing girls in clothes and shoes that fit or getting all our hair cuts, etc.

We are no longer hosting or leading our small group, but we still attend our small group as often as we can.  But we have started hosting and teaching a youth Bible study at our house once a week.  When I was a teenager, I went to home Bible studies just like this, so it is very satisfying to be investing in a group of young people in much the same way my mentors invested in me when I was a young person. 

I have read almost all of C.S. Lewis' books this year, but I am taking a break from Lewis for now.  I just finished the Harry Potter series. It was delightful. Now I am starting the Lord of the Rings. I am going to try to enjoy this epic responsibly.  I told my husband he has to stage an intervention if I go beyond regular enthusiasm for these books and start trying to learn Elvish or something


Donnie Evans II said…
No, No, No to PEAPOD!!!

That's what you have teenagers for...

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