What does reading Scripture have in common with eating salad? Well, alot, actually...

As I sat down to eat a salad today, I realized something.

Eating salad is like reading Scripture.

Sometimes you do it, not because you are in the mood, but just because you know it's really good for you. 

I haven't had the cleanest diet for the last few days.

I've got two words to sum up my indiscretions- cannoli pie.

When my diet is compromised like it is now, I have to be a lot more deliberate to get back on track.

At times, I have to almost force myself to sit down to a salad or to prepare fresh vegetables.

But once I've done that for a while and continue doing it, I know I can retrain my palate to appreciate and enjoy simple, wholesome, nutritious foods again. After that, I am less likely to even desire the foods that I know aren't good for me.

It's like that with reading the Bible.

Bible reading is a spiritual discipline in much the same way clean eating is a physical discipline. 

I'm not always in the mood to sit still and read and then think about the things of God and talk to God and worship, but once I have done it, I am always glad I have.

And, like eating well, once I have read the Bible everyday for a while, it becomes easier and more enjoyable to continue making time to deliberately seek God.

And, in time, I can always see the results of my decisions.

Physically, if I eat well, I lose weight, see my muscles pop out everywhere, and feel my capacity to preform increase when I need or want to exercise. 

Spiritually, if I have a daily diet of Scripture, prayer, worship, I end up with more peace, joy, and a greater my capacity for doing what I know is right when I am given opportunities to bless my kids or my husband or my friends.

Good, healthy, wise choices, whether they be physical or spiritual, are always worth the effort.