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A Gift for the Giver

When I come into God's presence and see His glory and feel His love,  almost the very next thing I think is, "What can I repay the Lord for all He has done for me?"  Like a small child with the impulse to bring something of worth, I look around and find that everything is a trifle.  My greatest work is a stick drawing.  But I seem to bring this anyway, though now I can see that it is nothing beside Him. And just like when my children come to me bringing gifts of daises or something fashioned from the clay, I do take their gift,  but the next thing I do is take them!   Up!  Into my arms!  And that is when we are most happy. This is how it is when God receives me. He receives my worship, but the very next thing He does is take me!   He takes me up!   In! Deeper still. And then, before He puts me back down, He whispers kind things over me. He reminds me of what I know to be true.  In a moment, He tells me a story, the whole story.  "For