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Dwayne's Weight Loss

This post is adapted from an article written for CT Healthy Living . Lots of great health related items on that site.  I started seriously tracking my weight in April when I was 270 lbs and 6 months later am at 220 lbs. This weight loss was achieved largely through diet changes using a nutrition system. Veronica had lost a lot of weight by eating clean, but she was coming up short on energy, and we decided to get on a protein shake based nutritional system which helped her with her energy, and me with my weight. On the surface, that is what has happened. If you are a facebook friend, or reader of this blog that is what you could see from the various pictures and status updates shared over the last few months. But does the mechanics of any of these weight loss posts really capture what happens inside a person when they transform their bodies on the outside? Can we truly articulate the transformative power of good health on a person’s psyche? Obviously, not everyone wil