Astronomer Shoe Boxes for Challenge B


Avril finished her astronomer shoeboxes for Challenge B.  

The Challenge B students have all done research and projects on astronomers throughout this first semester. 

Now, students choose two (or more) astronomers in secret and provide clues to the astronomers' identities in their shoeboxes.  

For instance, if an astronomer made telescopes, sang opera, played piano, discovered binary stars or Uranus, studied eclipses, lived in a simple, log cabin, or made a map of Washington D.C., you might include some of those items to your shoe boxes as hints. 

Student bring in their shoeboxes, and classmates get a chance to guess who the astronomers are based on what's inside the boxes. 

Can you guess who Avril's astronomers are based on the pictures above? 

Hint: Her two boxes actually represent three astronomers total.  


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