Another Lovely Day

Adele and I made up a biscotti recipe today. We're calling it "Christmas Biscotti," since it has pistachios for green, and cranberries for red, also almonds and vanilla. We taste-tested the biscotti as we played some card games together. 

Her big sisters listened to a Broadway soundtrack, chatted about the storyline, crocheted, knitted, created clay figurines for Etsy, or put together a puzzle. 

Dwayne read a book, smoked a bunch of meat for several upcoming meals, and tried, unsuccessfully, to fix my kitchen drawer. (We have to take it to a professional for repairs.) 

Later, I made we ate a homemade soup and watched an episode of The Chosen while eating. We usually always eat at the table, so it's fun when we don't. Norah's been watching Season One of The Chosen with her sisters since coming home. She wanted to see it, since her sisters like it so much. She doesn't have time or opportunity to watch it at school. 

Then we all read silently from our various books and then aloud another big chunk of The Hobbit. 

God continues to give us some lovely holiday days together. Norah's home a few more days before she flies back to Tennessee for her second semester of her Freshman year at New College Franklin. 


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