Breakfast Casseroles at Christmas

Dwayne's company sends us a gift of ham and bacon and various, assorted, related goodies at Christmas. It's a lovely gift. 

I usually plan dinners or Sunday afternoon meals with these items in the days and weeks following. But this year, I'm planning four breakfasts for the four days we're together and home around Christmas. 

We don't often get to eat breakfasts as a family on weekdays, because the adults get up hours before the children and my husband usually prefers not to eat before leaving for work. And even on weekends, we can't have a nice breakfast together because there events, errands to run, or church to attend. 

But on holidays like Christmas, when we all just stay home together, there's plenty of time and opportunity to gather around the table in the morning. So I get to try some breakfast casseroles I don't usually have opportunity to make. 

I'm specifically trying casserole in the Foster Family's Cookbook. The Foster family was Dwayne's second home growing up and they are still friends like family to us. 

Breakfast Casseroles may need to become another Christmas tradition. (We have many.) Or I may need to add some of these recipes to our "breakfast for dinner" category if they are a big hit with my family holiday. 


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