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To Grandmother's House We Go

Last month, we spent two weeks in Summerville. The girls and I stayed with my mom in her little condo first and we swam at her pool everyday. Grandma gave us a huge turtle float.  Grandma did a lot of cooking and baking. The girls helped and enjoyed wearing Grandma's aprons.  The girls enjoyed Grandma's cats' antics. We haven't spent a lot of time around cats, since my husband is allergic, so everything the cats did was interesting to the girls.  I took the girls to see Fort Sumter. I grew up around Charleston, but had never been. My dad would have loved to go, but his health wasn't great and the boat would have made him nervous. But he loved Charleston and stories of the Civil War. I also took the girls on a carriage ride through downtown, something my husband and I had done with his parents before the girls were born, but hadn't done again since.  I showed them the market downtown where I often went as a teenager and we got ice cream.  Here, my youngest is rea

Raising Monarchs Cont.

Out last three chrysalis hatched.  With the morning sun shining in, the monarch looked like a stained glass window and the chrysalis next to it was almost totally transparent.  The picture above might be one of my favorite photos.  Moments later, that chrysalis opened and the butterfly began to emerge.  These last three monarchs hung beside us for an hour before we gently coaxed them on to our fingers and transferred them to the flowers in our flower bed outside.