Vero Beach Visit 2021

We usually get to visit my husband's parents at least once a year. They live in a beautiful home two minute's walk from Vero Beach. When we go, we don't plan big, busy activities in Florida, but we do insist on dragging the girls out of bed to take early morning walks on the beach before breakfast every single day. 

We take a cooler of drinks and snacks and we play on the beach every afternoon. 

We collect shells and sea beans and try to identify them. (Our home in Connecticut is really filling up with them.) We take a lot of books to do a lot of quiet reading. 

And we always visit the book store in Vero at least once for new books, which is always exciting. We play with the dog (and wear him out.) 

We play cards, do puzzles, color in coloring books that Grandma keeps.  Grandma has a bunch of old, charming toys, some of which my husband played with when he was little. 

This year, we took many, many naps. 

It's a leisurely and refreshing time of making memories with Grandparents. Here are some pictures from our visit in July- August this year. 



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