The girls attended VBS at a local church this week.  

We usually go to our church's VBS or kids' camp, but we were traveling the week our own church offered camp, so we had to miss. 

I was thankful that another church was offering it the week we'd be back. 

I don't think we've missed a single VBS in ten years or more. 

We buy the t-shirts and the CDs and the girls wear the shirts as pajamas and listen to the songs all year into the next and the next and then next.  

VBS is a big deal to me, personally. 

Not to throw my parents under the bus, but they only took me to church sporadically as a small kid. 

But I went to VBS a few times and I remember begging to go back to the church. 

I must have learned enough of the basics from VBS and other activities I did attend, because when I started asking questions about Heaven and Hell as an early teen, I decided to try reading the Bible for myself to see what it said about these matters. I must have know that the Bible was the Word of God and it had answers to that sort of thing. 

Though I didn't understand everything I read, Scripture defintiely made me "wise unto salvation" and I gave my life to the Lord one night in my bed. I had already been forming friendships with Christians and started attending church with them. 

Eventually, I responded to an altar call and gave my life to Jesus publicly and was baptized and by God's grace, I haven't been out of church since. 

So it just feels so right to make sure my girls are in VBS every summer and church every Sunday. 

I can't go back and grow up in church, but my daughters certainly can by God's grace.