Norah has moved all her school books and supplies to the large table-desk in her bedroom just in time to begin her last year of high school, Challenge 4. 

Avril is moving into Norah's empty desk and shelf space in our homeschool classroom just in time to begin her first year of middle school, Challenge A. 

Until now, I haven't allowed anyone to do schoolwork in their rooms. I wanted to keep everyone accountable, on task, and in a convenient location so that I could monitor, help, and guide. 

But Lord willing, Norah will be in college this time next year, so this move to her bedroom feels appropriate, even strategic. She's independent and responsible enough to make the transition to a more remote space to do her work. And soon enough, she'll be working at a table somewhere much farther away than simply up the stairs. 

And Avril needs more space in the classroom to start her Challenge years. 

It really seems only yesterday that we bought this desk for Norah as she started Challenge. They say the days are long but the years are short. It's true. 


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