Grace is the Glory

Most modern hero-stories get it so wrong. In them, the hero always has some undiscovered worth and slowly, slowly through trials the hero’s secret glory gets revealed. But that’s not how it really is or ever was. The truth is more like in the fairy tales. Every hero is actually worthless, a slave, a beggar, something equivalent to nothing, but by good fortune, unmerited favor, divine intervention, in a word- grace, the hero finds magic beans or a lamp with a genie inside or a pearl of great price. Grace is how heroes are always ever made. The only reason a hero even has a story is because of grace. Grace is the glory. Christian, do not let the favor or the fortune fool you. Remember. You and I are only the beggars who stumbled blindly on the treasure, which we buried in our desperation, and then sold all to buy the field. 


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