Summer Reading List


Since the school year ended around April/ May, I have gotten a lot of reading done. 

Books I read for the first time this break, some of which I even read twice:

The Love of Learning and The Desire For God

Poetic Knowledge

Leisure the Basis of Culture

Inheriting Paradise

Live Not By Lies (x2)

The Benedict Option

Ideas Freely Sown

Home Education 

Invitation to the Psalms

Theogony (x2)

Oedipus Rex 

All The Pretty Horses

The Discoverers (x2)

Books I reread this summer:

The Hiding Place 

The Horse and His Boy

The Way of Kings

Words of Radiance

The Two Towers

The Return of the King

Books I started then restarted then restarted again and am still slowly moving through (Ha!): 

The Silmarillion 

Books I also started for the first time, but haven't finished:

The Marvelous Pigness of Pigs

But I also started rereading this summer break, but haven't finished:

New Seeds of Contemplation


My summer ends today, officially, as our CC year begins officially today. 

Of course, I'll keep reading, but I won't make as much ground since so much more of my time will be spent homeschooling and directing a Challenge level and preparing to direct and all that.  

But it's been a great summer break. 

I feel incredibly refreshed by all these books. I wanted to keep a record for myself here.  


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