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Two Silent Readers

After their chores, the girls sometimes have a bit of free time before we start our school work. Today, I looked over and two out of three of them were using their free time to read silently!  My oldest has been doing this for years.  But my middle child is starting to check out easy reader books from the library and she's is taking a lot of pride in the fact that she can sit by herself and figure out what a book says.  It was sometimes uncomfortable for her to be learning to read in the same house, often in the same room, as a big sister who already knew how to read really well, but now she is growing in confidence and discovering the joy of sitting with a book.

Adele's First Dentist Appointment

All three kids had dentist appointments today. But it was Adele's first appointment ever.  Oh the cuteness!  Oh, and they are say that Norah is ready for braces. How is it possible that I have a kid old enough for orthodontia?  

Basil Pesto

So this happened. I've been creating lots of delicious meals using pesto.  Here's one with baked chicken, greens, red bell pepper, red onion, tomatoes, and kalamata olives.  Here's another.   That's chopped spinach and Brussel sprouts sautéed in extra virgin olive oil with two scrambled eggs, pesto, and salt.

Weekend Update

I took the girls to the library then to an indoor pool Friday afternoon/ evening. We're planning a vacation later this year with extended family and the house we are renting has a pool right in the backyard, which is going to be be really fun, but that's also motivation for me to strengthen the girls' water skills between now and then.  We will do swim lessons and have a lot of practice in the summer, of course, but swimming more consistently throughout the winter won't hurt them at all. We made it to the gym Saturday morning before it started to snow. Here's my post-workout breakfast. After we got home from the gym, the snow really started coming down and the roads weren't being plowed, so we just stayed home in our warm pajamas, made a fire, cleaned, worked, read, played Carcassonne, etc. It was really chilly down in my office.  I couldn't get the space heater close enough to me, so I actually order a small heated seat cushion/ lap blanket/ shoul

The Mother Bird

Sometimes I wonder if the mother bird flies back to the nest hoping to rest and keep that worm for herself after a busy morning flying around. I know how many times I've prepared something for myself only to give almost all of it away to my children. It's very difficult indeed to turn down a little one who asks for a taste of your tea and honey. The mother bird and I can't discuss it. How much o f what we do is instinct? How much is our choice? But I believe I see a little of both when a mother bird lands on her nest and her chicks open their mouths wide to her. There's an overwhelming compulsion to meet their need, but there's also a measure of compassion shown as she gives up portions of her own strength to them. I also like to hope that our Maker gave that little mother a great capacity to take the small joys in her tiny generosities.  #motherhood