The Mother Bird

Sometimes I wonder if the mother bird flies back to the nest hoping to rest and keep that worm for herself after a busy morning flying around. I know how many times I've prepared something for myself only to give almost all of it away to my children. It's very difficult indeed to turn down a little one who asks for a taste of your tea and honey. The mother bird and I can't discuss it. How much of what we do is instinct? How much is our choice? But I believe I see a little of both when a mother bird lands on her nest and her chicks open their mouths wide to her. There's an overwhelming compulsion to meet their need, but there's also a measure of compassion shown as she gives up portions of her own strength to them. I also like to hope that our Maker gave that little mother a great capacity to take the small joys in her tiny generosities. #motherhood


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