Bodycombat Certification- Update

I am preparing to film my Bodycombat 61 assessment video in just a few days.

Right now, I am taking a break from rehearsing my script with the music to post this little update. 

At this point, I've done the entire workout so many times that I have lost count. I know the choreography and I can make it through the workout physically though it is still very challenging.

I've also taught all the tracks at least once to a live class, so I feel confident I can handle the level one coaching and cuing. At the very least, I can get people moving, kicking, and punching in the right direction on time.

But I am such a Bodycombat novice that I am still learning the basics like side kicks and roundhouse kicks even while I am trying to perfect this particular routine for my video.

The hardest part for me is recalling and adding the level two coaching cues, the explanations that help participants get more out of the workout and perfect their technique. So I am looking closely at my script to find the best places to sneak those kinds of advanced cues in.

I know becoming a decent Bodycombat instructor is going to be a long process that will likely take years of teaching and intentional practice on my technique, so I am not surprised that I am struggling right now.

I used to struggle with perfectionism.  I don't struggle as much now that I realize some of the most worthwhile journeys are those that will take me a while.  Becoming the Bodycombat instructor I want to be will definitely take me a while.  It feels daunting at times.  But, at the same time, it is refreshing and even exciting to have so much improvement in front of me. 

I love the physical challenges of teaching Bodycombat.  Once again, I am reminded I am in the right profession for me and I am really excited about getting a certification in this format.


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