#55 Wineberries

It turns out that those wild raspberries in our yard are called wine raspberries or rather just wineberries. My daughters and my niece brought a surprising amount in from our backyard.

So then we were inspired to spend the day collecting more from our roadside and then from the nearby state park.

We all came home pleasantly worn out from all the walking, which quickly becomes more like hiking and/ or climbing in this terrain.

After showers and dinner, we all went to bed with books and flashlights or tablets.

It would be absurd to ruin these beauties with sugar if we only had a few cups of berries. But now that we that have several cups, I have agreed to bake something with them today, perhaps a very simple fruit tart.  But I don't even have white sugar in my house at this point, so I'll plan to shop a little after church.

#55 Wineberries


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