Scrambled Eggs and Provolone Over Spinach

You will need:
1 Tablespoon of Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
Fresh spinach (At least 3 ounces)
One egg
A slice of provolone

1. Pour a tablespoon of olive oil into a deep skillet and turn the heat on medium-high. Fill the skillet with spinach, really pile it in there because spinach shrinks a lot as it wilts.

2. Stir the spinach on and off as it wilts. When it's wilted, transfer it to a plate.

 3. Keep the pan off the burner and let the pan cool off for half a minute.  Turn the heat down to low then crack an egg in the skillet and scramble it as it cooks. 

4. Bunch the egg together and put a slice of provolone on just until it melts.  Then transfer the eggs and cheese to your bed of greens.


5. Salt it to taste and enjoy!


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