Another Fun Weekend with Friends

On Friday afternoon the girls and I walked up to our neighborhood park for their friends' Jack and Travis' birthday party.  I am good friends with Jack and Travis' mom Vanessa and Vanessa is friends with some of my other good friends, Kim and Deltra, and all our kids are friends with one another, so while our kids enjoyed time together, we moms enjoyed ourselves just as much.  Here's a photo of me on the far right with my friends Deltra in the middle and Kim on the far left.

On Saturday, I went to Bodypump and I exercised next to and got to know some of the people who regularly attend the class I will get to teach on rotation this fall/ winter. That was the highlight of my day.  I spent the rest of Saturday catching up on laundry, housework, grocery shopping, and running errands.  Since my weekdays are occupied with teaching my kids at home, I try and make the most of the weekend just like working moms have to do.

On Sunday, we attended church in the morning, as usual, and we sat next to friends and visited a little before and after the service.  On Sunday evening, the church hosted a BBQ and concert for all its volunteers in the church's gym.  Our music minister, Chris Vitarello, is an incredible musician. He played with the band.  Our campus pastor, Craig Mowrey, sang a song. His brother Brian, also pastor at our church, was on the harmonica.  It was a great time.

Monday was Labor Day, so my husband Dwayne was home.  One of his hobbies is smoking meat and our friends Adam and Jessica Greene just gave us a propane smoker they didn't want anymore, so Dwayne wanted to try it out.  He smoked a large pork butt and shoulder to pull.  We made homemade, southern, golden BBQ sauce and fresh cole slaw.  We invited friends our Tim, Robin, Matt, and Katie McCandless and Jean Semeraro. The McCandlesses brought homemade potato salad and their ice cream maker.  We all took turns cranking the ice cream while before dinner. Jean brought a coffee flavored angel food cake covered in chocolate ganache.  With all the food, desserts, and hot coffee to finish the evening, it was quite a feast. With all the fellowship among friends, it was a foretaste of Heaven.


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