Quality Time

I am doing a lot of reading because of graduate school.  

So I am doing a lot of sitting. 

The girls will come and put their heads in my lap, even if my lap is not empty. 

And they want to rest with me and talk and they want me to run my fingers through their hair.  

I realize that even though I am here more, because I am not working at the gym and working on school instead, I'm actually here less, because I am so focused on school. 

So I try to give them some quality time in those moments before pushing their head off my lap and shewing them off so I can get back to work.

I'm learning something very profound in those moments. 

Kids really do need a roof over their heads and full bellies and new shoes and enriching activities and great role models, etc.  

But they also need a relationship with me and that simply takes time.  



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