The Dignity of a Job Poorly Done

This is a picture of a pot my middle daughter cleaned with hot soapy water. She's learning to clean up after dinner and do the dirty dishes by hand.  She doesn't always get it right at this point in the process. Notice there is still a bunch of stuff on the edge and outside of the pot.  Nevertheless, I actually put this pot away in the cabinet just as you see it and I'll use it that way the next time I need it. For me, it's good enough for now.  Another time, I might rewash it myself. Another time, I could show her how to do a better job and make sure and get the edges and the outside of the pots, too.  But for now, I just put the pot away like that. I like giving my daughters real jobs that they can grow into.  The trade off is the jobs aren't done perfectly right away. But they are thriving with real responsibilities, learning how to adult before they have to be adults. So they deserve the dignity of real jobs poorly done.  


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