The Fosters Visit

Dan and Breeze Foster came to visit. They have five kids, so in addition to our three, our house was bursting with life over the weekend.

We really cherish our friendship with the Fosters.  Our parents were friends before us.  Dan and Dwayne grew up together, literally from birth, so we think it is exciting that we get to continue building our friendship and now begin to see our kids making memories.

It rained a lot of Saturday and it was chilly, so there wasn't much else to do.  While the kids played around the house, we spent a lot of time just sitting around talking about all sorts of things, one topic led to another.  But conversation with the Fosters is never lacking, so the time just flew.



After church and lunch on Sunday, we all went up to Holy Land.  The autumn views over the city of Waterbury are beautiful.  Holy Land is an interesting place with an interesting history that you can read about here and here.  As we continue to make Waterbury our home, Holy Land and other, historic places in the city are becoming more and more significant to us. Here's a photo of the youngest kids.  Their oldest daughter isn't shown in any of the pictures I have, unfortunately.

Dan and Dwayne are both Eagles fans. Of the two, Dan is definitely a more devoted sports fan than Dwayne, so his presence and the fact that the Eagles would be playing that evening, spurred us to buy and install a t.v. antenna.

We haven't had cable since our old television broke when our oldest daughter was a toddler, so this is the first, live television at least two of my kids have ever even seen in our house. And it's been so long since our oldest daughter watched television at home, it was like the first time. So this really was a momentous occasion for us. It seems fitting that we all watched Sunday night football, a very American thing to do.  Breeze bought Klondikes for us to enjoy.

Dan and Breeze left Monday morning after breakfast to continue their vacation and to travel to see their family.  Like our parents before us, we feel blessed to have their friendship.  They are a worthy couple who I am glad want to spend time with us. 

Two of our little girls went into the same Sunday school class on Sunday morning. When we all came home, one or more of the adults asked them what they learned in church. One or both of the little girls said, "God gives us friends."


I thought that lesson was really appropriate for this weekend in particular.  I think His work in His people's lives is often seen best in those godly, healthy relationships that influence us and in time, define us.  He is the giver of every good gift. Healthy friendships between godly men and women and their families who walk after them is certainly some of the best evidence that Our Maker is still very much at work throughout the generations of His people.


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