Team Teaching Bodycombat

I just attended and passed Bodycombat Initial Training last weekend. Read more about that here.

This week, I got to team teach with my mentor. We took the photo above after class.

It was my first Bodycombat teaching experience with a live class.

I taught the two tracks I presented at training.  

I made one big, stupid mistake while teaching the tracks to that live class.

I called double hooks double uppers.

I was doing hooks, so people were still able to follow me well, but I was calling them the wrong thing and apparently, I did that the entire time. 

*Face palm.

When I was really new to Bodypump, I remember that I was mixing up the terms then, too.

For a while, I called extensions presses and deadlifts deadrows.

Now that I have been teaching Bodypump for a few months, I don't do that sort of thing anymore.

So I can hope with time, I will eventually work out all those kinds of kinks as I get more experience with Bodycombat, too.

I will be team teaching again next week and the next and the next, probably, until I am ready to film my assessment video.

I will be doing some other tracks from Bodycombat 61 next week. I will be teaching tracks that I didn't present at training.

I know the entire release after having done it so many times at training, but I will still need to work at home, scripting the choreography and working out my coaching cues so I am ready to present those tracks well to a live class.

It's not easy to prepare for a Les Mills certification, but it's a very effective process that creates competent instructors.

I know this because, right now, I am no where near ready to teach an entire Bodycombat class on my own, so if they had already handed me a certification just because I attended training, the program at my gym would really suffer.

But I'm submitting to the certification process, team teaching until I can teach one entire release by myself.

By the time I am ready to submit and that video passes muster, I really will be ready to begin teaching a Bodycombat class.

Of course, I will still make mistakes and I will have years of improvement ahead of me, but I'll be competent.  

I know with Bodypump, it's a satisfying feeling to deliver excellent workouts to my classes.  I'm looking forward to doing that with Bodycombat someday, too.