How to Keep Track of Medication

We've been dealing with so many health issues lately.

Tooth aches, fevers, surgeries, injuries- all within the month!

I've needed to track medication doses, but I found that writing information on sticky notes wasn't working well enough.

The paper would get wet or soiled somehow.

It could be swept off the counter and get lost.

Or it was too hard to read because the print was too small.

So I came up with a nicer way of tracking our medication doses.

I put a piece of simple, black lined paper inside a long, narrow frame.

I write on the glass with a dry erase marker.

I can lay the frame flat on the counter or table and it works like any other list, only this list is easier to read, it's heavy enough to stay put, and it's more waterproof.

Better still, I can even sit the frame upright so that the list can be seen from across the room.

This was especially convenient when my husband had to lie flat in bed after his recent foot surgery.  I would write his doses on this frame and from his position in bed, he could see whenever it was drawing near the time for him to have another dose.

And, of course, this is reusable.

When we aren't tracking medication for something, the frame can be stored easily in the medicine cabinet until it's needed again.


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