Draw Write Now

Adele has finished every drawing/ writing exercise in Draw Write Now Book One. 

She filled an entire red report cover with her work. 

Notice she even drew a cover page for her collection. 

Now she's starting to work Draw Right Now Book Two. 

She requested another report cover wherein to keep her work, so I obliged. 

I found the entire set of Draw Write Now books on sale at our co-op. 

At the time, Adele had been begging for a new handwriting book, and I was looking for a fitting solution, so I bought them and brought them home. 

These aren't my favorite handwriting books, but I figured Adele could use them over the summer to stay in practice. 

When my daughters were learning handwriting early on, I preferred to use a combination of Abeka, Zanier Bloser, and Prescripts materials instead. 

Those programs did a better job of teaching letter formation.

Those resources had guiding arrows to remind students about where to start letter formation and which direction to go with their pencils. 

They also provided rows and rows of the same letters or simple words to give opportunity to drill proper formation and gain muscle memory. 

Draw Write Now doesn't do that. 

It just provides a few simple sentences to copy, and a picture to draw, of course. 

(Adele loves to draw, so this is a great fit in that way.) 

Draw Write Now is a better fit for a student who already knows how to properly form letters and just needs some guided practice. 

Thus, it is working well for Adele at this stage.

I'd warn against using these books if your child hasn't had enough practice and drill in letter formation. 

If your child has any bad handwriting habits, if he isn't starting letters in the right place or if she isn't going the right direction, etc., these books are only likely to reinforce those habits rather than give opportunity and encouragement to retrain new, more efficient habits. 

But since Adele just needs some guided practice, some given sentences to copy, and since she loves to draw, I plan to let Adele just keep on working through the books as we move into our new homeschool year this fall. 


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