Sunday in Franklin

The day started with church at Cornerstone Presbyterian where Norah and at least one of her roommates plan to attend. This is also where New College has its classes, so much of Norah’s life will be spent in this church building for the next few years, Lord willing. Each weekly order of service at Cornerstone is a small book, a true gift, a treasure filled with rich and beautiful Scripture, hymns, sheet music, prayers, etc. The opportunity to attend Cornerstone was a major affirmative reason for Norah to come to New College. Norah and her roommate have both said they plan to save these weekly books for all the years they are here… Wise girls. After church, we had lunch right next door at Biscuit Love… Wow! Then we went over to Norah’s place and started working and working and didn’t stop till all the boxes were empty and almost everything was in its place and that was sometime around dinnertime. Each of the girls who has arrived so far has at least one parent on hand helping them as they move in, so the apartment is full of all ages, and there is a lively fellowship as we all work around each other and with each other to move our daughters into their home. It’s just another confirmation and comfort that this is a community filled with people who love Christ and therefore, make loving others and sharing life with others a priority. All the boxes are broken down and piled now waiting to go to the dump when it opens tomorrow. And we did a big portion of the necessary shopping after dinner, but there’s still at least another full day’s worth of work waiting- curtains to hang, shelves to put up, etc. I thank God for Dwayne’s presence, his power tools and skills and willing attitude and Dad jokes. We are all of us so exhausted. Even the younger siblings are spent. We just managed to unload the shopping bags into Norah’s apartment and hug Norah and her precious roommate and say, “Goodnight.” Our feet ache, but our hearts are so full.


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