It was Gabriel Gamer's grandma who got run over by the reindeer. His family has been all over the news and their testimonies are also proving useful for the Prosecution even with the jury sequestered because of such a high profile case. 

Gabe's mom, Ann Abler-Gamer, has become a sort-of fixture on the five o'clock news: "Gabe has been the one most broken up about the whole thing, " she sniffles. "He isn't motivated to go to work. He hardly leaves his room. He finds it hard to sleep at night and sleeps all day instead." I have my suspicions that Gabe was a loser before his granny's unfortunate accident, but people are sheep and common opinion grows against Rudolph and Old Saint Nick and everything they represent. 

Many years ago, my brother bought our daughters their first Lego Advent calendar. But Uncle Donnie also wished to see the legos that were included in the calendar each day. To honor and humor his wishes, we'd post a picture everyday with a description of the Legos we opened that morning. Our description quickly turned into a story, and the story quickly became a saga, thus, "The Lego Saga" began. Now it is a cherished holiday tradition. The challenge is to make a coherent story from the pieces without knowing what pieces are coming next. The girls are old enough now to help, so many of the characters' names and plot points are their ideas. 


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