I'm making an Egg Wrap for dinner tonight. I'd rather make this dish for brunch on the weekend, but I need to use my bacon before then.

I'm not involved in MOPS right now, even at our church, Walnut Hill, but I got this recipe from a lady at Ridgefield Baptist Church's MOPS group when I was involved there several years ago. Once I figured out how to shape the crescent part, I found this easy to make, always yummy and hard to mess up in big ways- as long as I didn't overcook it.

Egg Wrap

8 eggs
4 oz cream cheese (Half a block)
*It helps if the cream cheese is at room temperature.
½ cup milk
Sausage or bacon to taste
Slices of White American Cheese from the Deli
2 Packages of Crescent Rolls

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Spray a large cookie sheet with Pam.
Open the crescent rolls and arrange the triangles so that they make one large rectangle, pressing together at the seems.
Scramble eggs and milk in a large bowl. Pour the mixture into a warm skillet and cook, stirring with a spatula constantly, until half done, then add the cream cheese. Break it up and mix the cream cheese into the eggs, letting it melt and blend until everything is done. Pour finished egg mixture down the center length of the large crescent rectangle, making a more narrow rectangular shape with the eggs.

Cook sausage or bacon separately.
*Most often, my family prefers bacon. I cook approx. six slices until they are very crisp, otherwise, the bacon tends to become too soggy in the final dish. When the bacon is done and after it has drained and cooled on a paper towel, I break/cut it into small pieces using a large cutting board and a pizza cutter.

Lay the cheese slices over the egg shaped rectangle.
Sprinkle the bacon or sausage pieces on top of the cheese slices.
Take the long sides of the crescent rectangle and fold them into the center until they touch in the middle, even overlapping slightly. Press the shorter ends together, securing all the ingredients inside the crescent "crust."
*Don't let the crescent top overlap too much in the middle or it will not cook fully. Also, try and push the egg mixture, cheese and bacon pieces as far as you can to each narrow edge, otherwise you will end up with a slice of Egg Wrap that is mostly just crescent roll.

Cook at 350 for approx. 20-25 minutes or until the Egg Wrap is golden brown.
Let it sit for a several minutes before slicing.
*I like to serve this dish with fresh fruit like cold apple or orange slices or green grapes.


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