Wall-e came out on DVD today and I bought it for Norah for Christmas. We were at Target and I had to hide it under my coat inside the shopping cart, so Norah wouldn't see it. She doesn't have many DVDs, like I said before, so I am tempted to go ahead and open it. I enjoyed it so much it will be hard to wait to see it again, but I am determined to keep it hidden and wrap it up with the other gifts for her to open on Christmas morning.

Wall-e was the first (and only) movie Norah ever saw in the theater. We had been waiting to take her until she was old enough. And, we were also waiting until there was something showing that we felt would be worth watching. When it came out this last summer, we got Norah popcorn and candy and she sat through the whole thing and watched with interest. She even yelled, "They love each other!" and hugged my arm when Eve and Wall-e were dancing through the stars, summing up the entire movie.

Love is what makes life worth living. It's why we were created.


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