Norah will often ask me to lay Avril on the middle of my bed, so she can lay next to her, love on her, look her in the eyes, kiss her head... And, Avril seems to enjoy this time with her big sister. She's really never as content as when Norah is giving her her full attention.

Avril's presence has stirred something up within Norah, something I didn't expect to see in her till she was much older: the ability to fuss over Baby. This seems to come naturally to Norah, simply because she's a little girl. I never had to teach her notice her sister's hands, for example, and then say things like, "Oh! Wook at the wittle baby hands! Sweeeet wittle baby hands! Mom, look at her hand!" Norah just notices these kinds of things herself and then words of praise just flow right out of her, naturally, in response to seeing her sister's delicate little body parts.

This makes me proud of her and it's made me appreciate that same part within myself, that deeply feminine part that notices, appreciates and can't help but praise the awesome wonder in a newborn baby's form.


Anonymous said…
Well, I can certainly see baby Dwayne in little Avril!! She is so cute and Norah's a beautiful big sister. Enjoy. Love, Aunt Kathy

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