I got my hair cut!

I got my hair cut!  I've never had hair this short before. It's always been at least long enough to pull back into a pony tail. But I had been growing really, really tired of my pony tail.  I have to lay down on my back a lot during my personal workouts and during the classes I teach and I always had to loosen my pony tail so I could put my head down flat on the floor. But then I'd stand back up and my pony tail would be all out of whack. I'd either ignore it and let it flap around loose or take the time to adjust it. Now I can just throw on a big sweat band and go.  I did my workout tonight and I already love how it hangs lightly around my face when I do push ups, etc.  I also wanted something with more interest.  My long hair just sort of hung down the sides of my face most of the time, unless I took a lot of time to style it.  This cut is shorter, so it's lighter, so it just pops out.  The layers make it much more interesting, to say the least!



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