Bodypump 91- First Impressions

Though I am a professional, this is my personal blog, so these impressions are personal. They're what I'd say to a friend over a cup of coffee if we were discussing this release. So if you love Bodypump and if you love coffee, too, grab a cup of coffee and read on if you are interested in what I have to say about Bodypump 91.

I woke up yesterday morning to an email that said I could go online and download Bodypump 91.  I was certified on 89, purchased 90 myself since I wasn't on autoship at that point, but this, this, is the first time a release came to me automatically. So I can't tell you how excited that made me.  I bet those of you who love Bodypump will understand.

As soon as I saw the email, I needed to figure out how I could fit an hour into my day so I could, at the very least, watch the new release once. I didn't get to just sit and watch it, but as I did my housework yesterday, I carried my laptop around room to room and watched as I cleaned. I thought I would record my first very impressions of Bodypump 91 here. Keep in mind. I haven't done the workout yet.

Also note, this is only my third Bodypump release, so I am still learning so much about myself as an instructor. But I think I am definitely a music person as you will see when I dissect the lyrics to songs below.  I love when I can enjoy the lyrics to songs and think about the lyrics as I work out and sometimes I even try and use the lyrics to coach and motivate my class whenever it is appropriate, etc. 

Warm up-
I think the song, "Ten Feet Tall," is going to be very fun to sing along to.... in my head, because I actually try not to sing into the mic. Sometimes I just can't help myself and I sing into the mic, but I am not a gifted singer, so I keep that to a minimum.

I especially like the lyrics, "You build me from nothing into something..."

That is what Bodypump did/ does for me. If you are interested in my very personal fitness journey and how Bodypump became a part of my life, read here.  

I think I'm going to enjoy the long sets of singles in this track- and switching from mid to wide stances looks like it will be fun. 

This one looks tough. I can't wait to try all those pushups. Notice I said try.

The female presenter on this track is so inspiring. She can go as fast as she needs to and keep a full range of motion. That's very impressive. 

I also like the song, "Goodness Gracious." The lyrics are heartwarming and sweet and catchy- oh, so catchy. 

I think I'm going to like the repetition in this track.  You do one set. You pause. You do it again. You pause.

And the best part is probably going to be the triple clean and press followed by the dead row.  I like how well that section goes with the music.

I usually love all the compound body weight exercises in tricep tracks because they are so challenging, so I am happy to see this one has dips and pushups.

The transitions between body weight and weight work are fast. I have at least enough experience to know that will add a real challenge level to the track.

I actually really like the song even though the singer's got twang. "If the sky comes falling down for you, there's nothing in this world I wouldn't do."   Sometimes, when I'm not teaching and I am doing it at home and I can just focus on the workout, I get kind of weepy during Bodypump. The message in those lyrics will probably bring a little tear to my eye.

I love the rock and roll in this song and grit in the singer's voice.  And I think Imma love doin' those quick combos of singles and mid range pulses. Grrr. 

Yes. Everything about this track is just, "Yes."  The song is so sing-able. It makes me want to mooooove!  I love the quick transitions from lunges to squats to lunges...  And squat presses on your toes?!  Yes!  I can't even wait to try those! My heart races just thinking about it!

I'm starting to fall in love with upper body work because my upper body is changing so much lately. My medium shirts don't fit the same anymore, they don't come down as far as they used to because my shoulders, chest, etc. are rising up and stretching out.  Say what?! I may actually need to start buying larger shirts because of my upper body and I am actually totally okay with that even though I'm a girl. 

I love the song.  Does it say, "Eat. Sleep. Raise. Repeat?"  I don't know what it says, but that's what I hear. I love picking up the bar, putting it down, picking it up again...

I actually enjoy this song "Trumpets."  I haven't watched the video to this song because it looks a little pornographic and I don't like having images of anyone else's sex life in my head.

Nevertheless, the song makes me chuckle. To me, it's playful, humorous, but oh, so revealing.  Sex is incredibly fun! God meant it to be enjoyed in marriage.

"May your fountain be blessed and my you rejoice in the wife of your youth. A loving doe, a graceful deer- may her breasts satisfy you always, and may you always be intoxicated with her love."  Proverbs 5:18-19

Lyrics aside and back to the workout that goes with the music, I am excited about all the hovers that are in this track.  I love hovers.  I could do hovers all day.  Well, I couldn't really. There's no way I could hold hovers that long, but you know what I mean. 

Cool down-
Another great song! The singer asks his beloved to burn down the bridges he builds between them... That's beautiful imagery.  And while I don't often feel this way about my relationship with my husband, I do sometimes find I feel this way about my relationship with God.  I definitely want God to pursue me, to burn my bridges, even if I become afraid of all that might mean for me, a mere mortal. 

I told you I do a lot of thinking about the lyrics. I am definitely a music person. And I am a person of faith, so that certainly influences how I, personally, interpret and enjoy the lyrics to the songs in each release.

These are the kinds of things that go through my head as I work out and as I hear these songs. The music makes the workout transcendent for me since my body and my mind are both fully engaged in the workouts.

Of course I don't share any of my thoughts about the lyrics in my classes. I coach the workout and I work my butt off. People in my classes get to enjoy their own thoughts about the songs because I leave silence for the music to speak to them in their own hearts and minds.  

Anyone else out there a big fan of the music?  It's definitely one of my favorite things about Bodypump.  I think the music might be why I have always been drawn into group fitness classes.

Well, that and the people, I love people, too. So group fitness really works for me.     

What a joy and a challenge Bodypump 91 is going to be, I am sure.  Now, if I can find the time today, I am going to lace up my sneakers and try this workout with some weight!

What do you think about this release?  Are you a music person or people person? Or both?  Feel free to comment below. 



Frans v d Akker said…
hi Veronica, they sing eat , sleep , rave , repeat !!
Anonymous said…
The gym I go to in the UK has the release date for 91 on Saturday. I can't wait. I've never enjoyed a class so much and never had such rapid results to my body tone.
Anonymous said…
I did the new release last night and just love it! It was a challenge but oh, so much fun. Expecially love the clean and presses combined with the rows.

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