Update on my Bodypump and Bodycombat Journey

I attended a recent Les Mills Webinar with Sheldon McBee.  I took away two specific things.

I make sure my shoulders are farther down, in, and back when I am doing chest presses in weightlifting classes now.  What he said helped me understand that my shoulders, until that point, were too high, up, and away from my body.

Also, I have started watching my class members more closely, making eye contact, letting my eyes go over their bodies as we work, and making remarks accordingly.  When I am under physical pressure because my weights are heavy in weightlifting classes or I am out of breath in cardio classes, I still tend to look down at the floor, but I am more conscious of it now.

Speaking of work, starting mid-June, I am taking a break from teaching classes for a while. Right now, all my regular classes are scheduled at times when my kids have to come to the gym with me.  Until recently, that hasn't been much of a problem.  They enjoy the gym and still do.  But lately, it has become a real stressor for me dragging three kids ages 10-3 to work with me every time I have to go.

And there are other, even better reasons.

Homeschool is becoming more time-consuming and intensive as my kids continue to grow, making it more difficult to be flexible, especially with precious weekday morning hours.

And my husband is planning to have surgery on his other foot soon. This time 'round, it will be on the foot he needs to drive. So, for many weeks, I'll have to drive him everywhere he needs to go, including to and from physical therapy sessions. So, while I was able to work after his first foot surgery and recovery earlier this spring,  I don't want to work through the second surgery and recovery.

I'll still be working out, though.

I've purchased a membership at a local, private club that has Les Mill classes and I've already started taking a combination of Bodypump, Bodycombat, Bodyattack, and Bodyflow. But the important thing is that all the classes are scheduled before my husband and kids even get out of bed in the mornings or well after dinner and/ or my husband is home to watch the kids.

I've never been a member of a gym with this many Les Mills programs. I've only ever subbed at a gym that has Bodypump and Bodycombat.  And that gym was a full thirty minutes away, so I found that I avoided going unless I was being paid to work.

It feels downright luxurious to just go as a rightful member of a gym and take my favorite Les Mills classes on my own terms.  I am so grateful.

I am certain I will teach again someday.  And I will probably continue to sub in the interim, considering the class, day, and time I am needed.  But I won't take on any more regular classes until this busy season has passed. And, in future, I know I will be a lot more picky about the class types and times I take.

In the meantime, I will be serving my husband, teaching my kids, and training really hard.


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