A Season of Change

We are preparing to move, so I have had to quit all my current fitness jobs. The gyms where I work now will just be too far away from our new home. 

I teach at a few different locations, a few different days a week, a few different types of classes, so the good-bye process took a while to complete.  

In the photo above, you can see me "passing the torch" to my friend Tina who will be taking over one of my Bodypump classes.  (I made her a torch from a toilet paper roll, duct tape, and wrapping tissue.)

In the photo below, Christina, one of my faithful Bodypump participants at another location, presented me with yellow roses on my last day there.

And I took the photo below after my last class at the Waterbury YMCA, where I have been teaching various group fitness classes on and off for over ten years! I usually don't walk out of that place alone, but my last class happened to be an early morning one, so I was able to say a quiet, tearful prayer of thanks as I walked back to my van.

I have been meditating on the words of the song "Every Season" by Nicole Norman. The song is about God's faithfulness through change.  A part of the song goes, "I will offer thanks for what has been and what's to come..."  

I give God thanks for my jobs and for the relationships I have made through them. Relationships are the thing about my job that I value most, though I value so many things about what I do.  But I am hopeful that I'll get another job teaching group fitness at another gym in my new place and start new friendships there, too.


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