This little cast iron do-dad was left in our house when we bought it.  I wasn't sure what it was supposed to be for...

Was it a candle holder?  No, it was too big for a tea light, too small for other typical candle sizes.

Was it a spoon rest of some kind?  No, it was too small to hold cooking utensils and it's rim was too high to be used for tea spoons.

I couldn't figure it out, but it was interesting to me. So I kept it, cleaning it, then putting it in the kitchen cabinet.

Then the other day, I was making gumbo and I needed to taste the broth...

That's when I thought of this do-dad!  It occurred to me that it is the perfect design for tasting broths, etc.

So I tried it as a tasting spoon.  I scooped up some broth and gave it a look and then a taste! It was the perfect shape for dipping, swirling, and then drinking!

Of course, I am not really sure this is actually what it is for, because I haven't seen a tasting spoon in this shape. Most look more like a spoon or ladle, but this do-dad works great as a taster, so I think that's what I will be using it for!


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