Creative Day

We have more leisure in summertime.  One thing we like to do is watercolor.

We bought a few kits from Let's Make Art and we are following their free tutorials to paint along with them.

We've been doing watercolor every summer for at least a few years. In previous years, we had an artist-friend come over and give lessons a few weeks in a row.  But the last few years, we have just been using Let's Make Art tutorials.

This one was the sunflower lesson.

Our parrot Arcus watched us as we painted.  Isn't he beautiful?  As far as I know, they do not have a sun conure tutorial at Let's Make Art, but I should check.  I may be brave enough and try and paint him without a tutorial someday.

While I painted with my younger ones, my oldest chose instead to embroider the Captain America symbol on a scrap of fabric.

She worked this pattern out herself by tracing various circular jars and containers onto the fabric.

It was a lovely afternoon of leisurely creativity.


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