It's All There

Adele approached me, "Mom, I need a presentation for Foundations next week. What should it be about?" 

I told her, "You can base it off your history memory work." 

In Classical Conversations, the Foundations kids are learning ancient history this year, and they are memorizing The Ten Commandments right now.

So I grabbed The Children's Bible off the shelf and told Adele to read it for ideas. 

The Hobbits got a snack, another snack, I should say. 

Adele read aloud to her big sister, Avril, stories of Moses, while Avril took a break from her Challenge A work. 

Avril helped Adele pronounce "Canaan" and other words that gave her trouble. 

Adele got the idea of using an old Moses puppet to make a skit. 

"This is way more complicated than it needs to be," I think, but I hold my tongue and say, "Okay. That sounds fun." 

I don't want to discourage a good idea she's excited about. 

I'd put my foot down and force her to think of something easier if it were the night before.

But we've got a few days before community, so...

Now Adele is writing a script. 

Avril's finished her work for the day, so she wants to help. 

I hear laughter coming from their room as I prepare dinner. 

I wonder to myself did that end up being a lesson in public speaking, ancient history, Bible, reading, comprehension, creative writing, performance, or loving your neighbor? 

Or are they just having a great time doing something truly entertaining? 

It's all there.


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