Volunteering at the Book Fair

Our family loves the library's annual book fair. This year, my oldest daughter and I volunteered. On the first day we volunteered, before the sale began, they asked us, "Do you mind setting up the Classics section?" I think my mouth may have dropped open and I blinked a few times. My daughter thought fast enough to say, "Sure, that's fine. We'll do the Classics." We made eye contact and I think I played it cool enough. Did they know that we're a Classical Christian homeschool family? Volunteers get to shop early, which we knew about before we volunteered. We bought home two boxes that day. I went back the first day of the sale and purchased another two boxes. We volunteered again a few days later, and my husband brought our little girls. They filled a box together. Each box at full price was somewhere between 20-30 dollars. Then, the last day, I filled one final box for the low price of $10. I total, we may have spent $150 and we got many worthy books worth keeping for a lifetime. Many books that were only $1 would have been approx. $10 on Amazon or Kindle. Many were old, but still in great shape, nevertheless. I guess one good thing about having outdated tastes is that other people aren't buying the books you want (and apparently, they aren't reading them either.) I bought more books than I'll be able to read before next year's sale, but I'm still going try.