Classical Conversations Review Game- Jenga

I found a miniature Jenga set at the Dollar Store while Christmas shopping, so I purchased that to use as a review game with my Foundations class. 

My daughter and I tested the game out at home before using it in class. The test was a fun review for her, and we confirmed that this will definitely be a fun game to play in class. 


Jenga Game 


Memory Work Flashcards (or Foundations guide)

Geography Trivium Tables (or Foundations maps) 

Set up:

I labeled each Jenga piece with a subject "Science, Timeline, History, etc." on one side using a Sharpie. 

Then I pulled out the Memory Work Flashcards for the current cycle and the current weeks we are reviewing in every subject. 

I made piles for each subject with the weeks in random order. 

We also got our maps out and ready so we could easily point to the places on the maps if we pulled a "Geography" piece off the tower. 

We stacked the Jenga blocks appropriately (three blocks horizontal, three blocks vertical, etc.) and with the words facing down, so that way, we'd pull the pieces out and be totally surprised by which subject we chose. 

I left some of the pieces totally blank and those were "Wild." We could choose the subject we wanted if we drew a blank piece. 

We managed to play for about twenty minutes before the tower fell, and we'd worked through a good deal of review content in that time. 

I think this will be a big hit with my Foundations class next week. 

I've even decided to set this Jenga Review game up in the middle of our kitchen table and play it on and off all day tomorrow throughout our homeschool day; It was just that fun!




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