No Hidden Knowledge

There's no hidden knowledge;

It's all quite plain.

Behold the Truth 

In everything!

Every door open,

Every debt paid, 

Every captive free,

Every way made,

Any serpent crushed, 

Whenever wine is poured, 

Wherever bread is broken, 

Even one lame restored.

But we prefer a world

More sophisticated

A garden more private

Than that the Highest and Best

Reveals Himself 

In mundane ways

To mundane things,

Yet a child is born

A son is given

Lord of Earth, indeed!

The Same!

Who formed the clay

And breathed into it 

Fills it still

As the water fills the sea

A curtain torn

The Spirit loose

Creation restored 

And humble dirt 

Is wholly saturated 

Could be wholly satiated 

With the knowledge 

Of her God. 

By Veronica Boulden


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